Futurum Exactum is the umbrella entity of projects run by G.H.W. and others. Our company name comes from the use of future perfect in Ancient Greek. The meaning for us is that whatever we aspire we will have done it. Our aim is to complete any mission we set ourselves to and we will have accomplished it.

From Wikipedia: In Ancient Greek, the future perfect of the active voice is most commonly formed periphrastically by combining the future tense of the verb “to be” with the perfect active participle, for example λελυκὼς ἔσομαι “I shall have loosed”. In the middle and passive voice, the periphrastic construction is also very common, but a synthetic construction is found as well, by adding the endings of the future tense to the perfect stem, for example λελύσομαι “I shall have been loosed”. The synthetic construction is rare, and found only with a few verbs.

So, let’s get to it!

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